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MAD Tours is an enterprise of the registered charity: 

Caring For Life,

ACN: 162 508 849

and is a sister company of Govinda Valley Pty. Ltd.


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AUS +61 401 105 616

51 Lady Carrington Road

Otford NSW 2508

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M A D 

...make a difference

Tour With A Difference
MAD Tours are about making a difference, of course! As a not-for-profit organisation, we create unique India experience tours which directly fund education and empowerment opportunities for those less fortunate than ourselves, whilst also creating a space for your own personal growth and rejuvenation . 
It all started with a simple idea: What if you could take a tour where you not only got the chance to unwind and see the world, but where your time away enabled you to tap into a deeper sense of purpose, allowing you to contributing in a meaningful way to the empowerment of those in need  . . . Brilliant! Thus, Make A Difference Tours was born, or "MAD Tours" as we like to say. When you choose a MAD Tour, you are choosing to make a genuine difference! ....a difference in your own life and a difference in the lives of friends you haven't met yet. 
MAD tours will take you on an awesome holiday and cultural experience through India while also giving you the chance to “make a difference” in the lives of the people you meet along the way. Adventure through some of India’s most beautiful destinations, soaking in it’s colours, flavours and majesty. Experience it’s depth of spirituality and spread some joy in beautiful and carefully selected non-for-profit projects. However you come, you will leave India with your heart full and your soul nourished. READ MORE


From its very inception, the goal for Make A Difference Tours has been to facilitate positive change in peoples lives. Positive change in the lives of those who join our tours - our MAD Tribe - as well as in the lives of those less materially fortunate than ourselves. By bridging the gap between cultures and between need & opportunity, Make A Difference Tours aims to instigate positive change in 5 key ways, through MAD Projects, MAD Connections, MAD Scholarship Fund, MAD Tribe and MAD for You. READ MORE


  Our MAD team is made up of unique individuals who all have two things in common: a love of India and a passion to "Make A Difference" in peoples lives!  Each tour is accompanied from start to finish by one or two western guides who have exceptional experience traveling and living in India, aided by local guides for various monuments & activities. Some specially marked tours are also accompanied by a guest teachers or facilitators who share their wealth of knowledge in the areas of yoga, spirituality, kirtan or healing. Together, our MAD team have the knowledge and experience to facilitate a tour like no other! READ MORE