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Make a Difference

Embark on the journey of a lifetime


Whether you’ve always wanted to travel to India or the dream is fresh in your mind, visiting a land as unfamiliar as this can feel daunting. And yet it is your courageous first steps that will move you closer to your dreams.


At Make a Difference Tours, we’re simply paving your path, but the journey will be yours. Visit India, connect with like-minded seekers and souls, then return home refreshed and enlivened by your experience. Above all, we know one thing to be true: your trip to India will change your life forever.

Can one person truly

Make a Difference?

That was the question we set out to answer when founding MAD Tours in 2016. With the problems of the world seeming larger each year, we believe that the only true antidote is authentic connection, because we naturally love and care for what we feel connected to. Though, in order to connect, we must create opportunities for our inner self to experience genuine union with the world and it's people. A MAD Tour gives you this opportunity.​


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 This tour has exceeded all

of my expectations... and I had high expectations! It's hard to pick a highlight because everything was so amazing. This trip will always hold

a very special place in my heart. "

Elyse - Gold Coast, Australia
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You can

Make a Difference

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