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Our Promise To You

At Make a Difference Tours, we understand that there can be many obstacles between yourself of today and your desire to register for a tour. That’s why we’re committed to upholding the following agreements:


  • Having been to this region more times than we can count over the last two decades, we are extraordinarily equipped to guide you through all aspects of the trip, both before we leave and once we're on the ground.

  • As guides, it is our goal that you have the trip you've been dreaming of. Throughout the whole duration of the tour and pre-departure, we are available to you and ready to do whatever we can to ensure that your experience is easy and enjoyable.

  • It is our mission that every person on the tour feels safe and welcome, wherever we are. It is for this reason that all tours have two guides and small attendance capacities.

  • We understand that there are a host of reasons as to why you might feel overwhelmed or concerned with visiting India. If there are any fears we can quell or accommodations that we can make to support you in your journey, we would love for you to contact us prior to paying the deposit to ensure that you feel thoroughly supported in all parts of the MAD Tours experience.

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MAD Tours is an enterprise of the registered charity: 

Heart & Soul Care Ltd.

ABN: 18 638 081 802

and is a sister company of Govinda Valley Pty. Ltd.



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