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MAD Tours is an enterprise of the registered charity: 

Caring For Life,

ACN: 162 508 849

and is a sister company of Govinda Valley Pty. Ltd.


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   M A K I N G    A    D I F F E R E N C E

making a difference

From its very inception, the goal for Make A Difference Tours has been to facilitate positive change in peoples lives. Positive change in the lives of those who join our tours - our MAD tribe - and positive change in the lives of those less materially fortunate than ourselves. As a not-for-profit organisation, MAD Tours aims to bridge the gap between cultures and between need & opportunity by instigating positive change in 5 key ways: 


1. MAD Projects

Make A Difference Tours have chosen to partner with a variety of handpicked local community projects and charities that are already making a difference. As part of our MAD tribe you will get to visit a different non-for-profit project at each of our tour destinations, to see first-hand how your tour contribution is being put to use. Included in the cost of your tour is a two hundred dollar contribution that will be donated on your behalf to the projects we visit along the way. You can read more about the various projects we support below.

2. MAD Scholarship Fund

Make A Difference Tours has set up a scholarship fund to support the higher education of carefully selected children who are at risk of missing out on realising their own potential due to social obstacles or simple poverty. All profits form MAD Tours goes directly into our MAD Scholarship fund to support the education and empowerment of these children.


3. MAD Connections

Although by joining a MAD tour you will already be making a huge difference, we have a feeling that once you get a taste for it, you won't wan to stop there!  In the course of our travels you will meet many beautiful local people and come across some fantastic projects that may speak to your heart and inspire you. Through facilitating the direct connection between you and these projects, the opportunity is created for you to find your own personal way to make an ongoing difference. There are many ways in which you could get involved and further your connection with these projects and people if you wish, such as through sponsoring an individual, donating to a cause or giving your time as a volunteer.


​4. MAD Tribe

As a Make A Difference Tours participant you are part of our MAD Tribe! As a member of our MAD Tribe you naturally contribute to the ripple effect of awareness and change in the world. As you tell your friends about the adventure you're about to embarking on, share your amazing photos on Instagram or tell the story of why you personally chose to “Make A Difference” on Facebook, you will be contributing to the growing culture of humanitarianism and inspiring others to make a difference too!


​5. MAD for You

Although you are joining this MAD tour to make a difference in the lives of others, the truth is, the difference you create in their lives is a measure of the difference you will create within yourself. Beyond all the colour, the cultural and the wonder that is India, you ​will embark on an inward journey that will open your heart and transform your world. However you come, you will leave India with your heart full and your soul nourished, because “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi

our non-for-profit projects​

Each of the following not-for-profit projects will be visited by us personally while on tour so that we can see just how these organisations are making a difference and how our contributions are being utilised. 

S H E R O E S   H A N G O U T
"stop acid attacks" awareness movement & cafe

The Sheros Hangout is not just an ordinary cafe….

It is a unique initiative started through a collaboration between NGO Chaanv and the Stop Acid Attack network. The Sheroes Hangout, located in Agra, India, is a cafe, exhibition space, radio hub (featuring programmes on women empowerment) and a community centre running workshops for women on computer skills, social media awareness and use, basic legal rights, judicial procedures, gender issues, cinema, art & culture. It's overall aim is to broaden societies awareness of this heinous crime whilst also providing for the victims, a source of income, community and hope that life can go on after an attack. 


The name “Sheroes" is a play on the word heroes, to salute the triumphant spirit of female acid attack survivors. These women have all suffered extreme trauma after having acid thrown in their faces, resulting in severe chemical burns. In most cases these attacks are initiated by men know to the victim, who become angry after their unwelcome advances are refused. It is an unimaginable act and deeply shocking crime. However, through the “Stop Acid Attacks” campaign and the Sheros Hangout, the sadness and hopelessness these women once felt is being transformed into empowerment, hope and purpose. When you enter the Sheros Hangout you can not help but feel inspired and uplifted by these beautiful women and their courageous, loving spirit.  

What to know more?

M O T H E R   M I R A C L E
school for impoverished children

Mother Miracle school provide the highest quality education, as well as nutrition and healthcare to exceptionally intelligent children from the slums of Rishikesh in India. Their scholarship program enables students to attend private universities in India and the United States. Mother Miracle also serves the community by offering free vocational training for women and computer literacy courses for adults. 

All of the students who attend Mother Miracle are born into extreme poverty and face societal stigma because of their caste. They’re at the bottom of the ladder in a developing country. Through positive affirmation, unconditional love and a stella academic program, which includes art, dance, yoga and meditation, these students develop confidence in their abilities while being provided the tools to reach their potential.

Through individual child sponsorships, these outstanding students are supported from kindergarten through college. Once employed, graduates are able to create a better life for themselves while also lifting their families out of poverty. They are then encouraged to pay the gift forward by sponsoring a child just like themselves to have the same educational opportunity.