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The Power of Retreat

Are you ready to:

  • Fly away from modern life?

  • Spend time focusing on self-love and self-care?

  • Take a much-needed pause?

  • Enjoy time just for you?

  • Give something back to the world?

It’s easy to forget that we must first look after ourselves before we can properly look after others. It’s easy to overlook that we must love ourselves before we can properly love others. But just because it’s easy to forget, doesn’t mean it isn’t of paramount importance! Think about when you’re travelling on a plane, and they present the short ‘in an emergency’ speech before take off. “You must fit and secure your oxygen mask before those around you – even children.” And so, we must fit our metaphorical oxygen mask first in life too!

A yoga retreat is an extraordinary way to love yourself. It’s so much more than heading to a yoga class for 60 minutes. A retreat is a commitment to a much more powerful amount of time. A retreat is a time enough for you to travel deep within yourself and for life-changing shifts to occur.

When we retreat we:

  • Remove ourselves from the everyday

  • Cut out stress

  • Have the time and space to let go

  • Turn our focus inwards

  • Cultivate kind thoughts and sense of wellbeing

A yoga retreat is a time of immersion. You can commit so much more of your time, energy and focus to your practice – gaining much deeper benefits than a sporadic at home practice or occasional studio classes. Couple this with nutritious meals and giving back to local communities and you’ve got a recipe for extensive transformation – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

While every yoga retreat is magical, MAD tours are extra special. MAD stands for Make A Difference, and that’s exactly what these tours are about. MAD tours are not only an opportunity to unwind, practice and see the world; they are also a chance for you to tap into a deeper sense of purpose and contribute in a meaningful way. The best bit, everything is organised for you! So whether you’re retreating with friends or alone, you’ll feel comfortable knowing the experience is led for you – all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

After a retreat, you will return to your everyday life feeling energised and rejuvenated. After leaving a MAD retreat, you will also be feeling a sense of deep satisfaction, knowing you have been able to empower people and communities who are most in need..

You can find out more about our next tour with Michelle here.

Blog post by: Michelle Cassidy

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