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Who's MAD

Meet Your Guide

Radha Melis

Founding Director + Guide

For the last two decades, I have centred my life around yearly sojourns to India, the only place in the world where I feel truly at home. Throughout innumerable visits to India’s most exotic regions, sacred temples and ancient villages, I’ve discovered a country that has a unique power to transform even the most lost or hurting parts of our souls. It is this innate magic and beauty that brings me back year after year, and that inspired me in 2016 to share this experience with other Western people through Make a Difference Tours.


While many people have an intrinsic desire to know a world outside of the comforts of their own, they are daunted by the idea of total immersion in a land as foreign and unfamiliar as India. So I developed a trip model that accounts for common fears, anxieties and misconceptions about India, bringing ease and comfort interwoven with fun and connection: small tour sizes, two Western guides, several local guides, and plenty of personalised, intuitive insight to help this trip meet you exactly where you are on your individual journey.


I’m distinctly honoured to have been let in to so many stories of individual transformation on each previous MAD Tour, and I would love to walk alongside you on your journey to self-fulfilment and actualisation.

Why Make a Difference?

Of course, if the story ended there, this would not be called Make a Difference Tours. In dreaming of what this operation could look like, I dreamt of simultaneously making a difference in the lives of those who joined our tour whilst also supporting the Indian people, communities and organisations I have come to know and love.


Through a variety of eye-opening experiences in India over the course of the last two decades, I have learnt that helping without first listening and learning often hurts those communities that we care so deeply about. Thus, MAD Tours is committed to ensuring that every dollar of your support goes directly to aiding family-based solutions, female empowerment and educational opportunity which have long term, sustainable outcomes that benefit both the individual and the community as a whole.


By aligning your journey with that of our vetted partners, you are Making a Difference.

Our Team

Michelle Merrifield


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